Homemaking Skills: Morning Routine

Everybody raise their hand, if they’re a morning person? Gotcha, so most people aren’t….myself included. I’ve tried so hard to be a morning person, but to no avail. I can function without coffee or tea, but even after I indulge in my caffeine addiction, I’m still not a morning person. So how can you have a fantastic morning without being a morning person? By having a solid morning routine, of course!

Lets get some quick info out of the way first:

“I can’t get up at 5am to do chores….that’s too much!”

That’s fine…because I’m not up that early either. A Morning Routine can be done anytime in the morning, and even sometimes around noon (life happens). The routine is what gets you going and motivated.

“I just can’t stick with a morning routine.”

It takes a good thirty days to form a new habit, including getting completely used to a new routine. Give yourself grace and keep going.

“My partner is on a different schedule than me.”

That’s okay! This is your own person routine and you can adjust it to fit any home.

Now that we’ve knocked out a few FAQs, lets get down to the how. When you’re making a routine, no matter what it is, keep in mind what is realistic for you to stick with. Are you willing to wipe the baseboards and steam clean the rugs every morning? I sure hope not…so lets not add something like that. Focus on simpler tasks like wiping down the bathroom counter. We want to set ourselves up for success and longevity.

I start my morning around 6:00am. This isn’t by choice, it just happens to be when the baby gets up to nurse. Once fed, he gets put in the living room with a few toys while I get washed and dressed. I’ve set our Alexa up so she turns on the house lights, plays relaxing music, and tells us the daily weather and plans. This is where technology can be quite useful and helps set the tone for the home. Now, the most important tidbit is to get dressed. This doesn’t mean get on a fresh pair of pajamas….and I don’t mean to be harsh. But a huge part of feeling motivated, fresh, and ready to take charge of your day starts with getting on some proper clothes. Of course they can be comfortable clothes, we’re not attending a Red Carpet event after-all, but they do need to be clean and appropriate. Most days I don’t wear makeup, but I do fix my hair, and on my face I put some fruit stem cells…or whatever it is that comes in tiny bottles and cost too much. Everyone will have their own rituals when it comes to getting ready, and this is the easiest part of our morning routine.

Now that we’re dressed and ready for the day, we can move onto what we want to accomplish right off the bat. Since my little ones are most cooperative in the morning, I like to tackle projects that are easier to do without “assistance”. The best news is all of these tasks will take less than thirty minutes to complete, and I guarantee you will see a difference in how your day flows.

Let’s get going!

  • After you’ve gotten ready, go ahead and wipe down the bathroom surfaces and put away your products. Spray and wipe down the toilet….yes I’m serious. It takes a few seconds and now you have a fresh clean lavatory. Straighten those bath towels and bring any dirty clothes to the hamper.
  • If you’ve done your night routine, you can switch the loads of laundry or start a new load. Now, you have fresh clothes and no mountain. Yay!
  • Speaking of a night routine…go and empty the dishwasher. Once empty, pop those dirty breakfast dishes in, so your sink is cleared. Now is a great time to wipe down the kitchen counter as well.
  • We’re dressed, have a clean bathroom, clean kitchen, and are cruising right on to the last step in the morning routine. Time to make your bed. It’s a simple task, but is a very rewarding sight.

Will this work for everybody? It can, but some people will still struggle with the most crucial part. You have to keep going and strive for progress, not perfection. One issue some people come across is having too much stuff and nowhere to put it. I like to call this “homeless clutter” (This blog post is coming soon). Having excess clutter makes a quick tidy a daunting task, so if this is you…I’d make sure to add a set time to declutter items from your home. Ten minutes is all you need and it will make a big difference. Remember that you’re going to have to tweak this routine from time to time. Maybe you have a new baby, a big life change, or it could just be a difficult season….either way, keep it simple and keep going.

You can do this, I know you can.

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