Home Binder 101

This phrase “Home Binder” has been mentioned throughout many posts over the years. At one time I did include a video with more information, but have yet to actually write the post….hello mom brain. We’re going to fix that by going through, step by step, what is a home binder, how to set one up, and how to use it.

What is a home binder?

It is literally a three ring binder filled with the most valuable information you need. Everyone will have different things in their home binder, but consider it an extension of your brain and a guide book to running your home.

Most of the time, I’m the only one that uses our home binder….simply because I’m the one who is in charge of the home. But what happens if I’m sick, or have a newborn, or am away on a trip? The beauty of having a home binder is it can be used by others who need to know what has to be done and how your home functions.

It is also a good idea to update your home binder on a yearly basis, especially if you include school or medical information.

So what exactly are we putting into our home binder? Like I said, everyone is going to be different…but here is a list of common information to be kept in a home binder. I don’t have all of this in my own, but the option is always there.

  • Family information sheet. This will have general information for each family member of the house. Name, birth-date, favourite colour, clothing sizes, etc. This comes in handy when the holidays roll around.
  • Emergency sheet. This is the sheet you don’t want to need, but need to have. It will have contact info for everyone’s doctors, medical issues, life insurance info, health insurance info, emergency contact info, and poison control.
  • Vehicle maintenance sheet. Here is a good place to keep your maintenance records and car insurance information.
  • Home maintenance sheet. Do you really know when you last changed the air filter? Maybe you should write it down on this page so you never forget again. You can also keep a copy of your homeowners policy here for quick reference.
  • Account information (log ins and passwords), bank information, loans, subscriptions…etc. This will become valuable information to have on hand in case you become incapacitated.
  • A yearly calendar to keep important dates written down.
  • Workout, sports, or extracurricular schedules.
  • Shopping List of items you frequently buy and where to get them.
  • Cleaning schedule.
  • Daily routines and chores.
  • Pet information such as veterinarian numbers, medication lists, and papers.

I know this list seems like a lot, but there isn’t a single day when I regret taking the time to set up my home binder. Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to put all of this in your home binder if it isn’t relevant or if you already use another system for some information. We personally keep policies and sensitive information in a safe, but not everyone does. Remember this can be customized just for you and your needs.

We’ve figured out what to add into our binder, organized it how it works best for your needs…now what? Now we watch the magic happen. Lets say it’s a new month, does my car need an oil change? Is there a potluck I need to bring something to? Does my kitchen need a deep clean? How did my workout schedule go? Just check your binder! Everything you need to remember, in order to keep yourself organized and a happy home running, is in this binder.

My own personal home binder is where I keep my daily routines, schedules, meal plan, shopping lists, workout pages, and homeschool lesson layouts. Whenever I start to fall out of my daily routines (habit training can be hard at times), I just open my binder and it helps me get back on track. Like an old faithful dog, it will always be there for you when you need it most.

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