Bored Sticks
These….oh my, I don’t know how we survived without these little “I’m Bored” Sticks. As a family with a big difference in ages, we always tend to have someone needing an extra push. That’s where this jar comes in handy. On each stick are two ideas of something to do. They cover everything from household chores, devotion, movement, games, and independent learning. They are truly a life saver for our family. If you want more info…check out our YouTube video discussing how we implement this in our daily homeschool.
Morning Basket Plans
I was really mentally organized…at least before we had Charlotte. After Arthur was born I’m surprised I even know what week it is. So when it came to our mornings I was a hot mess. Then I trial and errored my way into making a solid monthly plan covering what I needed to complete in the mornings before naps, teething, and the chaos of little ones started. Now I’m not saying this is a cure all, but getting Morning Basket or Morning Time Plans ready and popped into a folder can really make or break a day. For some inspiration on how to lay this out, take a peak at our printables!
Book Nook

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