Homemaking Skills: Night Routine

As difficult as it is, the best way to have a good morning, is to prepare the night before. This is rough…especially for those of us that just want to rest and zone out after a long day. But is it worth it? I truly believe so.

I first started writing down my Night Routine when I got sick of waking up to a sink full of dishes. Tired, I now have to wash dishes BEFORE I make breakfast…and then have MORE dishes. (Ugh) I know many of you are nodding right now. Because I’m a full time homemaker, I absolutely need the house to be running at all times, so I had to get things straight!

The first step is to write down what irritates you in the morning (You can’t write down kids…sorry). Dirty sink? Wet clothes in the washer? No lunch made? Etc. Once you have your list, figure out how much you can get done the night before. But here’s the key, you need to be realistic. I have four little ones, and some days I’m beyond exhausted by the time the baby is asleep (or sometimes he doesn’t give me any time). My Night Routine is what I “plan” to get done, but sometimes that plan doesn’t work out and that’s okay. You always have the next evening to get back on track. Remember we are trying for “Progress, not Perfection”.

But I digress…

My top things that I try to have completed before heading off to bed are as follows:

1. Clean the sink, and run the dishwasher.

There is no better feeling, than waking up to a clean kitchen. When I get up I empty the dishwasher, making breakfast cleanup a painless chore. If I get anything done, it’s this step.

2. Run the washer and dryer.

Many municipalities charge less for electricity during “non peak hours” also know as nighttime. Since we use a dryer, I like to do this at night when it’s a bit more frugal and won’t heat up the house….welcome to a sub-tropical climate.

3. Tidy the main rooms.

We have a “10 Minute Tidy” at 1:00 and 6:00. During this time, the kids all pitch in and put away their toys and paraphernalia. In all reality, it usually takes them five minutes…but what they don’t know won’t hurt them. This way we (typically) don’t have a huge mess to clean at the end of the day and I can enjoy my mornings a bit more.

4. Run the Roomba.

Best. Investment. EVER. I will forever be in love with our Roomba. All of the sand, crumbs, and dog hair gets cleaned up while I’m sleeping and it takes a lot off my plate.

5. Check my planner.

What’s the meal plan? Is there overtime or training? Did I pay that bill? Do we have a play date? I have zero space left in my head to remember all of the details in the week (thanks kids) so my planner helps keep me functioning. A quick check will make sure I don’t miss anything.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is my “plan” but that doesn’t mean it gets done every single night. I strive to get it done. I am also not perfect. Will your plan look just like this? Maybe, but that is why you need to figure out what is most important for you. Hence the beauty of creating routines, they’ll be catered to your own life.

Before I leave you to begin this routine, it’s important to know that from time to time you may need to update your routine. As life ebbs and flows, some tweaking to routines has to happen. It could be due to job changes, pregnancy, family changes, children’s ages…and you should always keep this in mind. When you routine seems like it isn’t working very well, it needs some changes.

Are you ready to get started?

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